Corporate Retreat

Willmar & Spicer: The ideal Corporate Retreat location in Minnesota

Why does your company need a corporate retreat? For many, the simple break from routine that comes with a Corporate Retreat is enough to get new ideas flowing. In addition, socializing with eachother during meals and group activities can build and repair the trust necessary to have productive engagements. Finally, Corporate Retreats can be used to teach a new skill, the extended time together & small group sessions promote open and honest communication.

The Willmar & Spicer area is the Corporate Retreat location of choice in Minnesota for many companies. Consider having your group share transportation on the 90 mile drive from the Twin Cities, this can be a memorable start to your Corporate Retreat. Once in town, attendees can get their hotel room situated at Hampton Inn Spicer, Best Western Willmar, or Holiday Inn Express then have a group meet up at Green Mill Restaurant in Willmar for a light meal and a run-down of the agenda for the retreat.

Racking your brain to come up with some Corporate Retreat activities? Here’s a selection of our favorites in the Willmar & Spicer area.


  • Cheer on the Willmar WarHawks at a Hockey Game, transportation provided
  • Take in a live Rock show, craft beers & house made sodas at Goat Ridge Brewing
  • Group Snowmobile Tour around Green Lake & the DNR Trail, equipment available
  • Group Snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center, equipment available
  • Group Ice Fishing, all equipment & guides provided
  • Chocolate tour at Mr. B’s
  • Musicals/Shows at the Barn theatre
  • Little Crow Ski Shows in Spicer
  • Green Lake Cruises
  • Winter Sleigh Rides at Prairie Woods Learning Center

Learning & Growth

  • Group activities and working together through Marus Moves with Marcus McClearly
  • Sip and Paint Parties Ali Hortop
  • Inspirational Speaker Jean Abott

Team Building

  • Guided nature walk/scavenger hunt
  • Volunteer at the local Willmar Food Shelf
  • Murder Mystery Dinner and Game Nights
  • Giant group canoe trip through Prairie Woods

As you can see, there are plenty of activities to fill your Corporate Retreat Agenda in the Willmar & Spicer area! We’ve built agendas packed with speakers & presentations and we’ve built agendas that were pure fun & laughs…both for Corporate Retreats and both very successful because they were based on our clients retreat goals.

Give your company or team the boost you know it needs with a Willmar & Spicer area Corporate Retreat.